Saturday, 30 October 2010

These are two of my favourite things.

Both are Cottage Cutz dies.

The cat is a 4 x 4 and the ice-cream truck is a double 4 x 4. Both borders have had the same treatment. I punched a strip of pink cardstock along two edges then backed it with double sided Jac paper. Then I added the glitter which went through the holes to give a hint of glitz.

This border is a little glam for the old ice-cream truck but what the heck. I punched the edge of the strip and put it onto a pice of double sided Jac that was wider than the strip.  Then I added the glitter and finished it with the ribbon. The background was dry embossed with  Dreamweaver LJ 890 Flourish background stencil. I also went to the trouble of adding acetate windows and colouring them on the back instead of using paper or cardstock.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Polly's technique

The first card is using a technique I saw at a craft show in the U.S. Polly from Polly's Pals in California was demonstrating it.

The white base card was dry embossed with the pine trees stencil LL570. It was then coloured with pigment ink. I made it fairly dark. I then used clear Embossing Medium through the stencil on a piece of thick vellum 170gsm. While it was wet I sprinkled opal glitter over the image. When it was dry I brushed it down and matched up the images and glued the vellum to the card along the spine with a glue pen. I then added the greeting and the ribbon which was wrapped around the entire front of the card and tied   in a knot.
A very pretty effect isn't it?

This is yet another Cottage Cutz die card inspired by a beautiful card I saw in a Swedish magazine put out by the Magnolia Stamp Company (purchased at a Newsagent). I used one of the new Martha Stewart punch sets to create the lattice work.
The puppy die has a back to it but wasn't needed for this card. Keep an eye out for it done as a back and front card.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Cottage Cutz Gingerbread House

These are pictures of the Limited Edition Gingerbread House which is a triple die set. I used copic markers and ink to colour a lot of the small detail and it still took me 6 hours to complete it. It is set into an 8 x 10 frame so it is quite large.

The second photo is dark as you could see a reflection of me in my P.J's when taken in proper light and nobody wants to see that! (No.....they were perfectly respectable flannelette shirt and pants with hot pink ladybugs on a bright blue background.)

The Christmas shop will be next but don't hold your breath for a completion time. Maybe next Christmas. The gingerbread house
was done whilst I was on a retreat so I had no interruptions.
If you would like to order this one you can contact Craftywitch
direct and they can give you a time frame for delivery as it is
not in their regular line.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fan and Orchid stencils

 I love the new stencils from Dreamweaver.
The large open fan LJ903 gives so much scope to use with other stencils. The black eyed Susan background LJ902 has become one of my favourites already. On this card I dry embossed the fan then coloured with Stewart Superior Hybrid inks using a finger dauber. I then placed the daisy stencil over the fan stencil and used gold embossing paste through both stencils. I removed the stencils and added gold glitter to the wet medium. When it was dry I brushed the extra glitter away then dry embossed the diamond pattern around the image using the LJ841 Fleur de Lis stencil without the Fleur de Lis. The metal tag is from a Lasting Impressions senti-metals pack which was attached with foam mounting squares.

Isn't this card pretty? It's unfortunate you can't see the transparent stars foil on the plant. I used LL3006 Tall Orchid and coloured with pigment ink and a finger dauber. I went over the design with Versamark, took off the stencil then added Stampee's Stuck on You powder and melted it with a heat gun. Then I put the transparent foil over the image, popped it between two sheets of paper and put it through my laminator. It's amazing how the colours become so much brighter with the foil over the top.
The Double Happiness Character was added using Dreamweavers gold embossing paste. The dragonfly is a brad and the dots for the flight path were done with a glue pen and gold foil.

Both of these cards were done as swaps for the Embossing Exchange which is a group dedicated to the use of metal stencils. There are a few Aussies there as well as at least one Brit that I know of. The main moderator is Canadian but my friend Donna is co-moderator. She is American as most of the other members. They are always looking for new people to swap with so if you would like to join us you would be made very welcome.