Monday, 11 October 2010

Cottage Cutz Gingerbread House

These are pictures of the Limited Edition Gingerbread House which is a triple die set. I used copic markers and ink to colour a lot of the small detail and it still took me 6 hours to complete it. It is set into an 8 x 10 frame so it is quite large.

The second photo is dark as you could see a reflection of me in my P.J's when taken in proper light and nobody wants to see that! (No.....they were perfectly respectable flannelette shirt and pants with hot pink ladybugs on a bright blue background.)

The Christmas shop will be next but don't hold your breath for a completion time. Maybe next Christmas. The gingerbread house
was done whilst I was on a retreat so I had no interruptions.
If you would like to order this one you can contact Craftywitch
direct and they can give you a time frame for delivery as it is
not in their regular line.


  1. OMG Julie ... I can't believe this project. Over and above wonderful. Great job and so beautifully done! :-)

  2. An amazing project - congrats. You have such tenacity to cope with all those tiny pieces. I know because I was beside you at the retreat.