Monday, 23 May 2011

Coloured aluminium sheets

I know, two posts in one day! Incredible. LOL.

We are the Australian distributors for MercArt. So far we have a small selection of tools and alumimum sheets but I am still learning how to use them. That involves a level of trial and error as I don't have access to the classes run by MercArt in the States. You can use a stamp on the back of the metal sheets or your own design with a permanent marker but the easiest way is to use a metal stencil. If you aren't into hand tooling then you can always use an embossing folder. Her are a few of my practice pieces.

 This is a stamped image with an embossed stencil background. When I sanded the gold colour off the design I then coloured the raised sections with copic markers.
The lesson I learned with this one is to let the filler dry before trying to sand or do anything else as you can knock the puff out of your design. The teapot is a bit flatter now than when I sanded. I used the MercArt filler which hardens as it dries. Don't let the crust fool you as it can look dry but still be liquid underneath. Patience is the key.
 This is the same gold sheet but coloured with alcohol inks before being embossed. The colour is then sanded from the raised sections. I filled the back of this one with clear embossing medium and it worked well. I was happy with this one.
 For this card I used a stencil for the bee as well as the background. Again I used copic markers to highlight the design and filled the back with embossing MercArt filler as the design is a lot deeper and it definitely dries harder than the embossing medium. I did the extra swirls with a glue pen and foil. The sentiment is done with black embossing medium and a Dreamweaver stencil.

This is a close up of the bee.
The border is created with a decorative wheel.                              

If you want to do a class with me on these techniques let me know. I would prefer if you come to me rather than me traipsing all over the countryside. Let me know if the June long weekend would suit those of you who are store owners.



  1. Very very fun and interesting Julie. I love the bee design. You need to make a U-tube video on the Trinitage card! Gorgeous!

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