Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Diamonds are a grils best friend.

I love a challenge, don't you?
Liz from The Scrap N Patch in Toowoomba asked me to come up with a few display cards to show her customers various ways you can use the Dreamweaver Diamond background stencil (LJ882). Of course you can do these following techniques with other combinations of stencils. You are only limited by your imagination. However, having said that we all have imaginations that can be given a little push by something we see. This is called inspiration. I hope the following cards inspire you.

 This card was created with foils, flock and glitter on Jac paper. You can see previous posts for the explanation on how this is done.
I used LL568 Grape Cluster for the main image. LS96 Hello was embossed with black embossing medium (paste).
The difference here is that before the opal glitter was added after the grape stencil was removed the diamond background stencil was placed over the top of the Jac paper. You have to secure it with tape or glitter will sneak under the stencil. The opal glitter was added then the diamond stencil removed. I finished it with gold glitter. It works best with fine line designs.

This card is called faux tiling which I learned from Lynell who owns Dreamweaver stencils.
The diamond background stencil is dry embossed first. The flower stencil (LG625) was then embossed through the first stencil. The flower was then coloured with ink and light blue ink was smudged around the flower. I removed the flower stencil and cleaned the ink from the diamond stencil (slip a piece of paper between the stencil and the paper to help prevent smudging more colour onto the background of the design).
Use clear embossing ink with a large finger dauber all over the image through the diamond stencil. Remove the stencil and add clear embossing powder and melt with a heat gun. I used ultra thick and it gives the look of a hand made tile. You can add another layer to get a clear glossy finish.

The Kimono (LG634) was dry embossed and then double embossed with the Dragon (LL588). The dragon was coloured with ink and then removed. The diamond background stencil was then placed over the Kimomo and the back panel was dry embossed and then coloured very lightly with pale blue ink. The background stencil was then removed and the rest of the Kimono was coloured. You don't see very well in the picture but the diamond areas were then puffed up with a shaping tool on a soft pad the create a quilted look. It was then cut out leaving a fine white border around the edges and mounted with foam tape onto the beautiful panel of foiled paper from Alison Ellis.

This was done by taping around the edges of the card first. The Grape Cluster was dry embossed and coloured. The diamond background was placed over the image and softly stenciled with purple and green ink. Note: it is not dry embossed. I didn't go over the grapes at all as I wanted to create a halo effect. When the tape is removed there is no need to mat the image as you have already created a frame.

I hope you are inspired enough to try a couple of these ideas yourself.



  1. Great job with these, Julie! I especially love the top one with all that foil-y goodness!

  2. Thanks Laura. I'm about to pop over to Dream It Up to see what the Dreamweaver ladies are up to. I promise to leave comments LOL.

  3. Julie, I am part of the Dreamweaver team just have MIA for a bit. Am back and so excited I was able to see your penguin card on Lynell's site. Will visit you often. Love the faux tile technique!! It's one of my favorites! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!