Monday, 26 December 2011

Small cell honeycomb paper

Our newest product for the coming year is our small cell honeycomb paper. It is available in 10 colours and can be used to enhance any card for any occasion. here are a few ideas.

This first card was printed using Lasting Impression software. I created a template by tracing the parts of the design I wanted to pop out when the card was opened. I am aware that the black and yellow bands are not exact but in real life you don't notice because there is a coloured print under the paper.

This second card was created the same way but I used a Nitwit Collections software design. Most of the designs I use this way are not symmetrical but it doesn't matter that you can see some small areas of the printing.

I really like this one. Only his mustache was honeycombed but it makes a big impact.

Most people enjoy plum pudding. I certainly do. The one thing I took away from doing this card is to keep the design s simple. There are a few drips down the sides of this pudding that just weren't necessary and don't show well anyway.

I actually stenciled and coloured this one by hand. You can draw, stencil or stamp your designs. Keep in mind that any design you choose will have to be symmetrical and rounded otherwise it just won't work.

So what is different from our honeycomb paper to that which you can get from party supply stores? The size of the cells. The cells are 1/4" instead of 1". That means you get more honeycombing happening for small designs. You cannot open our honeycomb paper 360 degrees like you can normal honeycomb. You know how Christmas bells open out to create a full bell well you can't do that with the small cell paper unless you glue two identical pieces together back to back as it opens out 180 degrees. Perfect for inside cards.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as you celebrated the season with family and friends. As you can see I am back to work as I took quite a bit of time off before Christmas. I hope you all get to relax and rest  before the next year arrives.

Health and happiness to you all,

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