Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mica powders with black Stamp and Stick gluepad

Now that Easter is over and my trip to Melbourne for Paperific is also past I can concentrate on classes etc and posting on my blog.
These cards have been created as Make and Takes for Photo Continentals 'Silly Sunday' on April 15th. Come and say hi and sit down with me to make one of these cards. All have been done the same way with just a few minor changes. All have been embossed then coloured with Stewart Superiors black Stamp and Stick gluepad. Mica powders were then brushed over the glue to add a beautiful metallic sheen which is very hard to photograph.

Card 1- Gecko

                                                   Card 1 - Background

Card 2 - Grapes

 Card 2 Background

Card 3 - Horse

Card 3 - Background

 Card 4 - Turtle

Card 4 - Background

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.



  1. Hi Julie. I love the "swinging door" effect you have going ... showing off the beautiful backgrounds. And having just the right backgrounds on a card can sure "make the card." Lovely job indeed. Now, can I assume you mount the swinging part "shut" when you have completed the background? These are beautiful. Just wish I were there to take advantage of your class. Good luck. Hugaroos!

    1. Thanks Donna.
      Yes you do swing the door shut when it is completed. I have designed the cards so that the scalloped topper is centred in the square of the background. When I did the make and take at Photo Continental I had some ladies attach the topper off centre so that you could see more of the background when the 'door' was closed. This was also effective. Horses for courses really, lol.

  2. Hi Julie, Wonderful cards. I hadn't seen the black stamp and stick pad.
    How did you do the background papers? Are they embossed and then colored with ink? Do they shimmer?