Saturday, 3 November 2012

A Dream....weaver Christmas

Hi everyone.

This has been a very busy year personally for me with the grandma duties being first and foremost on the list. I have been dealing with a bad case of tennis elbow since June also. Not from playing tennis though but hauling heavy reps cases around the stores. No where near as much fun, lol.
We have had a Christening which I catered for and did the cake and more recently my youngest son Aaron got married to lovely Danielle. It's funny that I had two sons but because of what I do I did a lot of the work for both of their weddings. I added extra pressure to the last one by doing the cake which I finished at lunchtime on the day the kids got married. 10 members of my family filled my house so Ian and I went to my oldest son's house for the duration. Now Christmas is fast approaching and I am just getting to do samples using the latest Dreamweaver stencils.

The last sample is just stunning. I used various colours of gold glitter on different sections. Then when it was dry I did this........

I used a Spellbinder Tea Set die and the stamp is from Lily of the Valley.

I have a few more Christmas ideas to play with yet but at least I have made a start.


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