Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A few ideas using Cottage Cutz dies

I was asked to make up card fronts for display for Photo Continental using Cottage Cutz dies. I love this product so I agreed as it helps me creatively to come up with ideas I may be able to use another time but using  stencils.

 I wanted to create a vintage feel for the first few cards so I used my Nitwit Collections to print the papers for the backgrounds. Turned out well didn't they?

 I used the new Poly Mirror for the actual dressing table mirror. Now All you can see reflected is camera!

 The lower paper is as close to tile looking as I could get. It still feels like a Victorian bathroom.

This one of course is very feminine and hopefully French in feel.

 The Love Bandit in action!

The next two cards were created from the one die but the images are too big to allow all the elements to go onto one card. The second card hightlights the fact that you can use patterned paper to create different looking hats and a more relaxed feel to the card by using plain craem cardstock for the hat stand rather than the gold metal look on the first card.

The last card is self explanatory. Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Good morning Julie. Fun to see you play with Cottage Cutz. My favorite is the bath tub. That's adorable! Nice job and Happy Easter back at ya! :-) D