Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Stolen Property!

See this beautiful card? One of my best creations. I thought I had lost it but I found it the other day where I had put it away for safe keeping. I volunteered my entire Sunday to Photo Continental at Mt Gravatt in Brisbane demonstrating my stencilling techniques and other products I sell in the shops. I displayed this card and another one on which I had used my polymirror. It is actual mirror but made from plastic. They use it in children's toys and other products not suitable for glass. Well, imagine my surprise when I went to show a few people my lovely card (which had taken quite a bit of time to do) to find some low life had stolen it. It didn't belong to the store, it was my personal property. If anyone sees it you will know that the person showing it to you is a thief. Too stupid, lazy or not talented enough to come up with their own creation! Don't even think about teaching this card as I get around a lot of the stores and I will recognise it when I see it. I also have no problem in suing for breach of copyright.

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