Saturday, 14 June 2014

Miniature baked goods.

Well my ultra light clay has finally arrived from China. When you complain how expensive stuff is here compared to overseas I would like you to know that most of the time it is because of freight costs. Our freight cost us just about double the cost of the product and that was sea freight! We were quoted a fair enough price by the forwarding company and then we got the bill. There was rather a long list of other government charges not including GST.

Apart from that our clay is great and one of the ladies that attends one of my classes had fun creating this small plate of miniature baked goodies. She moulded them by hand using various supplies I had in my workshop and cake decorating tools. The cupcakes were formed in a chocolate mould. That should give you some idea of size. If you still can't visualise the sizes the small iced biscuit (looks like a macaroon) is smaller than a 5 cent piece. The stand is a single cupcake stand I had purchased before last Christmas. Thanks Glenda! I added Terry's cupcake to the plate too so thanks to both of you.

The coconut on the lamington is flower soft, the sprinkles on the iced doughnut are micro beads and the rose on the cupcakes are the smallest rose from our roses mould.

I'll be posting some of my creations soon but hey will be more in the card making line or off the page projects.


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  1. Great product. You can colour it with almost anything. I enjoyed making the roses as my cake pop wasn't in the same league as Glenda's party plate. Thanks for the fun Julie.