Thursday, 17 September 2015

Gilding Flakes

I was given some gilding flakes to play with along with the glue that goes with them. Here are a couple of the results.

This first card was created with double sided sticky paper and a Dreamweaver stencil. I tried to stamp with the glue first onto the base card. The glue is very strong and didn't work particularly well with the fine line stamp that I chose. I suspect that a solid stamp design would work better. I was worried about the glue ruining my stamp if I didn't get it into soapy water straight away as well. However, the glue was perfect for adding the extra detail onto the bauble and the applying foil over it when it waas completely dry. Of course the gilding flakes would have worked just as well. The benefit to using the gilding flakes as opposed to foil through the stencil is the all the areas of the design can be filled in. No extra flock or glitter needed. As you can see, the edges of the design are nice and crisp and the gilding stands out well against the crystal glitter.

I used the vertical 'Merry Christmas' stencil for this card and black Palette brand glue pad. I could have used the clear glue pad but the gilding becomes darker with black under it. I tried using the gilding flakes glue but two things happened. First, I ruined a finger dauber and second, the glue ran under the stencil. The second was more than likely because I was trying to get the glue on in the tiny areas of the stencil with a stencil brush and I was probably a bit too enthusiastic as I didn't want the glue to dry on my brush.
I cut the poinsettia die out of thin cardstock, added the glue with my finger and then let it dry. I added the gilding flakes and they attached perfectly. The trouble was that with all the pattern in the design I couldn't see what it was very clearly so I coloured the piece with Copic markers. Perfect!

 Dreamweaver stencil LL510 'Joy'

 Dreamweaver stencil LM298 'Vertical Merry Christmas'

Now I think I will go and gild a lilly!

Happy crafting,

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