Friday, 30 October 2015

Doing the 'Mixed Media Thing'!

Well I don't know that I'm any good at it but here is my first mixed media project. I used Nathalie Kalbach's Cling Fiesta stamps and Jumbo Bird and Blossom stamps from Stampendous.

                                                                  NK Studio Fiesta
                                                     CRS5083 Cling Bird and Blossom set
                                                  DCS5083 Bird and Blossom Die Cut set

Feel free to comment. You won't hurt my feelings. Constructive criticism is always appreciated especially as I have never done a project like this before.

Happy crafting!


  1. This is just BEAUTIFUL, Julie! Love the vertical strokes in the background and a very STUNNING collage of painted textbook flowers and bird. Fantastic!

  2. Gorgeous Julie. Lovely color blending! XO

  3. What a gorgeous canvas- I love it !